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My First Road Game Ever

Posted by on March 12, 2014

The first Green Bay Packers road game I ever attended was in Chicago for Packers vs. Bears at the old Soldier Field (and it isn’t Soldiers Field with an “S” people so let’s try and be correct here.)

I remember it because my sister and brother in-law took me. It was for my birthday. I remember it because it was very cold and I also had my first real slice of Chicago Deep Dish pizza. No chain stuff here. We are talking the real deal. Ranalli’s Pub, I believe the place was called.

It was a historic game of sorts. Packers Defensive End Charles Martin had what he called his “hit towel” hanging off of his belt. Written in black on the white the towel were the numbers of Bears players he aimed to bring pain that Sunday afternoon.

That’s it. No dramatic story with a dramatic details or plot twist.

A simple memory with a simple concept:

I just remember being young.

I remember the game was a gift for my birthday.

I remember that my sister and brother in-law were very young but that had the generosity and maturity to pinpoint what really energized me and delivered it in a huge way.

And here’s the most important part: I remember they took the time.

Time is a very valuable commodity because none of us know how much of it we have.

Father, son, sister, brother, uncle or nephew; Doesn’t matter how the people are associated, what matters is taking the time to do something together or for someone.

Think you have tons of time to be generous? Think “you’ll do that later” or tomorrow or a year from now?

Or, conversely: Think you don’t have enough time? Think you are too busy? Think you are so important that work can’t wait?

Think again… Really, seriously. Think again.

If you need me to use an Apollo Creed reference I will…Once you stop giggling, let me write you the truth for you:

“There is no tomorrow!”

Your first road game doesn’t have to wait 9 years — when we embark on the 16 Son Day Journey.

See your first road game next season. Time is ticking and you don’t know how much is remaining on the clock.

Email us today. Let’s live for today with an eye on tomorrow.

Check out Dika’s gear! How about those benches? And Mark Lee? There’s under-rated Packer for you.

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