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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Make a Play. Live Forever.

I think there is something most NFL free-agents will never quite understand and it’s this: When you put on a Green Bay Packers uniform, you are special. It sounds like just rhetoric but it’s true. You don’t have to win MVP awards, make the Pro Bowl 12 times or even hold a roster spot for … Continue reading »

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Tiny Moments

     It’s always the little things. The things you don’t think matter, seem to matter most. My wife said: “He doesn’t do that activity because he knows you want him to do it so bad.” She was talking about my son and his disinterest in downhill skiing. Dad is really into skiing and wants to … Continue reading »

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  We all have ideas. They often start in the back of our minds and they merely linger there. Sometimes they linger for minutes, but most often it’s days, months and even yea They linger…  We think about them but we don’t share them and more importantly, we never act on them.   Well it’s … Continue reading »

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