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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Dear NFL Schedule Maker

Dear NFL Schedule Maker: I just wanted to send you a quick suggestion. First off, I am very thankful to be a Green Bay Packers ticket holder, don’t get me wrong, but I have a favor to ask. When you assign the “Gold Package” games please try to keep in mind that most ticket holders, … Continue reading »

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Monday Motivation: Ashton Kutcher

I don’t know where I first learned about this video, but it is  a great lesson about life. It’s also a great lesson about speaking. It demonstrates that you can really captivate an audience in under 5 minutes. Build your own life.  Find your opportunity Always be generous and thoughtful.   I wish I had … Continue reading »

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Something is Missing

All three of these images have something in common. These images also have something missing. It’s sort of a trick question. Something physical isn’t missing from the pictures, it’s just that something is missing in connection with these photos. Any ideas?           What you see here are 3 of the most … Continue reading »

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Meeting your First Real Green Bay Packers Player

Even as a kid, meeting sports stars didn’t seem all that cool to me. I remember going the annual charity basketball game at my grade school where some Green Bay Packers third-stringers would play against the local fire department or our own teachers. After the game families would line the floor for autographs… It was … Continue reading »

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Are You Building A Legacy?

Most of us will be forgotten. The people we tend to celebrate in society are those who made global or regional impacts. Presidents are remembered worldwide. Sports stars are remembered regionally. Business leaders and philanthropists are recognized locally. The idea that most of us are eventually forgotten bothers me. I don’t like thinking that and … Continue reading »

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Need Motivation Today? Maybe Steve Jobs Can Help.

This speech is why I created the 16 Son Days Community. What’s your Legacy?

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First Trip to the Holy Grail

I wish I had a dramatic story to share about my first visit to Lambeau Field, but I don’t.  I think the Packers played either Seattle with Jim Zorn or Minnesota with Tommy Kramer. And I think I was in 5th or 6th grade. What I do remember is that my dad took me and … Continue reading »

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A Reflection on Greatness

How soon people forget all the stuff Aaron Rodgers went through. All the B.S. with Brett Favre treating him poorly and all the early reports of him being “California soft” and fragile. No way could the Packers have two great QB’s in row. Then came an MVP award, a Super Bowl Title ..  Remember that … Continue reading »

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Join us at the Lombardi Foundation Walk/Run for Cancer

There is no better lesson to teach your children then the act of giving. While giving comes in many forms, our first community charity contribution will be participation in the annual Lombardi FoundationWalk/Run for Cancer. Please Join us June 14, 2014 at the spectacular Milwaukee County Zoo. If you are a Packers fan living outside … Continue reading »

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He Catches Everything!

We have a saying in our house regarding Jordy Nelson: “He Catches Everything!” Have a great Monday!  

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