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A Reflection on Greatness

Posted by on April 11, 2014

How soon people forget all the stuff Aaron Rodgers went through.

All the B.S. with Brett Favre treating him poorly and all the early reports of him being “California soft” and fragile.

No way could the Packers have two great QB’s in row.

Then came an MVP award, a Super Bowl Title ..  Remember that historic lazer-pass down the seam on 3rd down to “Big Grab” Greg Jennings in the biggest game on the planet?

I do. I think about it often. What a great memory!

Then came a 15-1 season and the league MVP award.

Then came the unthinkable: A broken collarbone and a season virtually lost.

Well, that is until, timing and miracles met each other and number 12 was back on the field with number 18 for the final game of the 2013 season –A pass and catching combo that ultimately meant the NFC North title and a trip to the playoffs.

True Packers fans don’t need the recap. But what the heck …

Under two minutes; one chance to make history … Randall Cobb all alone ..Touchdown!!

 Mission accomplished!

The first glimpse of the preseason schedule has been released and our home is already amped up!

What game are you most excited to watch this coming season?


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