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Meeting your First Real Green Bay Packers Player

Posted by on April 22, 2014

Even as a kid, meeting sports stars didn’t seem all that cool to me. I remember going the annual charity basketball game at my grade school where some Green Bay Packers third-stringers would play against the local fire department or our own teachers. After the game families would line the floor for autographs…

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David Bakhtihari meets his newest fan.

It was rather uneventful to me. I just wanted the Packers to win on the field; I didn’t care much about a charity basketball game.

With that said, each child is different so I decided to take my son to meet his first Green Bay Packers player.

David Bakhtiari was appearing at local store and when I told my son I was going to take him he seemed indifferent to the idea.

I figured he was just nervous, but on the ride over to the store he was not that excited because he didn’t know who David Bakhtiari was.

(From a kids perspective this is understandable. Aside from Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews most kids don’t know who is who – Sorry David, lineman are never truly appreciated are they?)
“He is Aaron Rodgers #1 bodyguard.” I told my son about the player he was about to meet. “Without him Aaron Rodgers would not be great – he would be on the ground.”

We arrived at the store, bought some mini-footballs, stood in a long line, and my son received his first autograph from a real Green Bay Packers player.

David Bakhtiari was a great sport and even encouraged my son to take a picture with him. (Thank you D.B.)

The interesting thing about interactions like this is that they seem very uneventful, but end up being memorable.

Probably because they firsts and they are usually spent with someone special – chalk up another father/son moment.


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