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Dear NFL Schedule Maker

Posted by on April 30, 2014

Dear NFL Schedule Maker:

I just wanted to send you a quick suggestion. First off, I am very thankful to be a Green Bay Packers ticket holder, don’t get me wrong, but I have a favor to ask.

When you assign the “Gold Package” games please try to keep in mind that most ticket holders, like me, live two hours south of Green Bay.

This small consideration would be very much appreciated.

Driving two hours for games that start at noon or 3:15pm are no big deal, but Monday night or Thursday night?

Monday night or Thursday night games don’t work well with those of us, who are still part of the working class, those of us with employers to report to on Friday mornings … those of us with kids in soccer, baseball or football – or school for that matter.

Speaking of kids, I have a son who would really love to go to the Vikings game this year. He already understands that it’s a good ticket to have, but he is seven. He has school on Fridays.

I know this is weird, but I don’t really want him at Lambeau Field at 11:00pm on a school night. I want him to get a good nights’ sleep so he can have a productive day in his classroom. I know this is not normal, but it’s the way I was raised – silly I know.

Employers frown on their staff departing at 2pm on Thursdays or Mondays. The crazy thing is, employment and keeping my employer happy is what allows me to pay for my Packers tickets in the first place.

National TV games are cool. Really cool. I love the national TV games; all eyes are on Titletown which is just awesome, but perhaps the residents of Green Bay deserve these week-night games more than the Milwaukee crowd.

If you only have a five minute drive or cab ride to Lambeau Field from your driveway you might spend a little more green. You feelin’ me here?

A slight change in the schedule planning would really be, well … gold.

Thanks for your consideration.

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