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The Best Campsite Ever

Posted by on May 7, 2014

Those who know me know that I don’t camp. My usual line is something like: “I like camping if the campground has Marriott or Ritz-Carlton in the title.

With that in mind you would understand that I was apprehensive about taking part in what I now regard as the “best campsite ever.”

I must be honest, I am a little uneasy about even sharing this post with you. It’s because the best campsite ever is a secret I want to keep, but no matter how I try, I just can’t guard it.

Even as I have made the decision to share it, I feel like a child that his let his parents down. Worse yet, this is all public knowledge, just lesser known.

So here goes…

The best campsite is inside Miller Park.

Really! The best place to camp is inside Miller Park, on the outfield green grass.
It’s unforgettable.

So how do you do camp at Miller Park?

It’s an event billed as the “Field of Sweet Dreams” Each August a select group of fans get to enter Miller Park after hours, scurry with the fury of the “Oklahoma Land Rush” to a designated area of the park just beyond the infield dirt and pitch their tent for a night – weather permitting with the roof open.

Dinner is served, goodie bags are given to each camper, a live Brewers game is broadcast on the big screen (last year the crew was in Cincy) followed by a movie (last year it was Madagascar 3) and a late-night snack.

Ever dream of being given free-reign to roam a major league ballpark? The Field of Sweet Dreams is your opportunity. Dugouts, outfield, bullpen, warning track, the best seating – you can explore it all. The only areas excluded: the infield and clubhouses.

Best part? Playing catch in the outfield as campers get set to turn in for the night – it feels like you own the joint!

Wake to music over the loudspeakers and a breakfast buffet. If you’re lucky you could even win some Brewers authentic gear with purchased raffle tickets. (We never win raffles … except last year at this event. We walked out with a game-used bat signed by Corey Hart! Since a bat is a bit difficult to divide up among three little boys, it made a great gift for a family member who couldn’t make it.)

The second best thing about this event? Spaces are limited.

The Brewers don’t sell every square inch of grass as a campsite. The keep it reasonable so it feels exclusive and that’s partially why about why I am shaky about clicking “publish” on this post. I am a bit fearful that if I don’t call at the right time it may sell out and we may lose our spot.

The Best Campsite Ever

The Best Campsite Ever

Rumor has this years’ camp-out scheduled for Saturday August 16th. (Don’t worry, the Green Bay Packers preseason game vs. the St. Louis Rams has been moved to 3 pm so you will still be able to watch most of the game before entering Miller Park … And let’s be honest, if the Brewers P.R. department is on top of things they will have the tail end of the Packers game up on the big screen as campers arrive.)

Best spot to pitch your tent? Sorry, for now I still have that secret under wraps.

Shhh..Don’t tell everyone you know about where to find the best campsite ever, but if you attend the festivities this year, we wish you sweet dreams.
*Follow to find out when to secure your spot. It’s usually the end of June or early July.

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