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How to Handle Losing the Right Way

Posted by on May 14, 2014

Jim Harbaugh sticks out in my mind.

It’s the day after the Packers lost their 2014 Wild-Card Playoff game to the San Francisco 49ers. It seems like a broken record — Losing to the niners for the fourth time in 18 months. Heading into the game I thought there was absolutely no chance the Packers would lose to the San Fran again. Four times in a row? At Lambeau Field? No way!

The Packers coaching staff spent time in the off season consulting other coaches on how to stop the “read-option.” We bulked up defense and improved the run game to control the ball on offense and try and run some clock once the Packers have a game in hand.

No way, the Packers would lose again! No way!

But they did.

But they did and they did the same way they did on three previous games. When it came down to it, Colin Kapernick – a Wisconsin Man mind you – beat the Green Bay Packers with his feet.

It was a clutch scramble on 3rd down.

It is what it is. Get them next year as they say.

The 49ers were the better team on the field again, but off the field? The Packers always win. Their staff shows class and integrity when it really counts. It’s easy to point fingers and play the blame game after a loss, but what did Packers coach Mike McCarthy do?

He congratulated the 49ers on the win and took some blame for the failure of his own team.
What did 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh do?

He stepped to the microphone and spewed words about the greatness of his “clutch” quarterback Colin Kapernick followed by a rant on how the game officials missed a lot of pass interference penalty calls against his team.

What’s missing here?

How about graciousness and humility?

Something like this from Harbaugh: “Wow! It was another hard fought game from the Green Bay Packers. They are obviously great because they won their division and we again shared a hard-fought battle in the playoffs. I am very thankful our guys were able to get off the field with a great victory against such a well-coached team.”

Nope. Instead Harbaugh bragged about his team and badgered the same game officials that he spent almost the entire game verbally abusing.

Verbal abuse to the tone of Jim Harbaugh’s would send the normal man to jail, but since he is an NFL Head Coach its okay I guess.

Maybe Mike McCarthy should have stepped to microphone and said: Wow, we lost this game. We would have won but we did not get any calls from the officials for this game….I mean has anyone in this room ever seen an NFL playoff game where a road club gets only one penalty called against them the entire game? One penalty? The entire game?…One?..One Penalty?

Why didn’t Mike McCarthy do that? Simple. Because only losers make excuses. Winners dust themselves off and try again.

I suspect that what he did on the Monday morning after the loss. He probably got out of bed and went to work to try again.

See you in 2015 Niners.

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