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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Not Giving is an Excuse

I am an avid listener to the Dave Ramsey Show podcast. I believe in much of this philosophy and although I listen often, I will admit that many of the episodes have nearly the exact storyline: credit card debt, student loan debt, over spending on house or car. It’s the same story because, as Dave … Continue reading »

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Motivation Monday: The Most important Trait I Want my Son to Learn

Don’t be fooled by the first part of this audio content. It would be nice if my son grows up to be financially successful beyond his wildest dreams, but that’s not what I want him to learn. I hope he just learns the #1 trait of Decca-Millionaires. If he does that the money part will … Continue reading »

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Dear Son: Talk About Ideas, Not Other People

A local sports radio station I listen to brought up a great concept today. It is one I want to teach my son. The radio station mentioned that other stations in town were critical of an interaction Aaron Rodgers had with a woman he is dating. The interaction was caught in a picture or two. … Continue reading »

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3 Awesome gifts for Dad

We temporarily interrupt our normal “Motivational Monday” in order to bring you 3 awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day. So without further delay…3 awesome gifts your dad would love … 1. Packers Comfy Feet Slippers –  So right out of the gate, many dads will be thinking these slippers are stupid, but have him wear … Continue reading »

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A Few Words from Dad that Changed my Life

This will not be an epic post by any means. Like most things in life, the best messages or lessons are very simple ones. Such is the case for one of the few pieces of advice my father gave me. Around 16 or 17 years-old, I was rather aloof. Recognizing this, my father casually mentioned … Continue reading »

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Don’t Forget to Give…

There is no better lesson to teach your children then the act of giving. While giving comes in many forms, our first community charity contribution will be participation in the annual Lombardi FoundationWalk/Run for Cancer. Please Join us June 14, 2014 at the spectacular Milwaukee County Zoo. If you are a Packers fan living outside … Continue reading »

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Motivational Monday: Make Time!

Happy Monday! Don’t make excuses. Make time. Make things happen.  

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