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Dear Son: Talk About Ideas, Not Other People

Posted by on June 11, 2014

A local sports radio station I listen to brought up a great concept today. It is one I want to teach my son.

The radio station mentioned that other stations in town were critical of an interaction Aaron Rodgers had with a woman he is dating. The interaction was caught in a picture or two.
The criticism by some stations in town was that Aaron Rodgers did not display a proper embrace to a woman he was linked with.

The sports station thought this kind of criticism or analysis was over the top.

Sometimes these types of conversations (like those that criticized Rodgers) probably occur to get ratings to sell ads or gain viewership. I get that, but it brought up something important I hope to teach my son:

Successful people don’t usually spend time talking about other people; they spend time talking about dreams and ideas.

Ideas create jobs and make dreams reality.

So son, let’s talk about ideas, not other people and let’s make our dreams come true.

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