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Not Giving is an Excuse

Posted by on June 18, 2014

I am an avid listener to the Dave Ramsey Show podcast. I believe in much of this philosophy and although I listen often, I will admit that many of the episodes have nearly the exact storyline: credit card debt, student loan debt, over spending on house or car.

It’s the same story because, as Dave might say, financial issues are mostly a result of one’s behavior.

Another common theme in the show is people who have a desire to rid themselves of debt so they can give a lot more.

This is really fantastic. So many people have the will to give and would certainly give more if they could — If they could just get out of debt…

In many episodes of the The Dave Ramsey show, a caller will express their desire to give more and Dave will ask the question the caller does not expect:

How much are you giving now?

This is obviously met with some level of confusion since the person is calling in for advice on how to get out of debt, not get deeper in debt by giving away money or time they could spend making more money.

Everyone deals with a financial hardship from time to time, but all of us lie to ourselves when it comes to giving. Need an example?

Did you buy Starbucks in the last week? Did you go out to dinner in the last month? Did you take a vacation in the last year or two?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I am sorry but you can give more.
So I ask: How much are you giving now?

If your response is “nothing” my guess is that your response will remain the same even if you get completely out of debt.

Why? It’s just part of your behavior.

Think giving five bucks to a charity that you would have spent on a Venti, non-fat, no whip, soy, skinny, Vanilla. Extra-hot latte, doesn’t make a difference?

I have book for you to check out. And when I started writing this post I had no intention of attaching an affiliate link to this book, but then I remembered why I like listening to The Dave Ramsey Show in the first place.

It feels good try and do what Dave does – help others.


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