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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Fear of the Unknown

An odd thing happened to me over the holiday weekend and I really don’t know what to make of it. I’m looking at it as a teaching moment for my son, but the truth is I don’t really know what the lesson is to teach him yet. The long and short of things is that … Continue reading »

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Monday Motivation from the Master

I wish it was this easy. Watching a motivational video really gets things in gear. The question is: Will you take any real action after watching this? Because words do much unless they are put into action.

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Thank you for your Service

I didn’t know him, but if ever there were an image of a person I would want my son to be, this would rank high. It’s good to know that people do exist who make astoundingly bold choices to benefit others above themselves — even superstar athletes. Service, sacrifice and unselfishness…Pat Tillman.

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Mid-Week Motivation: Get Up! Keep Going!

This is a bit cliche, but I like it because it’s so true. Life is hard, but you just have to get up and keep going. The real question is: What are you rising from defeat to continue to pursue? I want to go to every Green Bay Packers game in one season with my … Continue reading »

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Leaders are Made Over Time

The debate rages on with the Green Bay Packers. Here’s the question: Who is the leader on the Green Bay Packers defense? Clay Mathews is to an extent; and so is A.J. Hawk. But what the media wants and the fans as well, is a vocal leader who controls the airwaves, the locker room and … Continue reading »

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