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Offer What You Are Capable Of

Posted by on August 25, 2014
An Almost Picture with Santana Dotson

An Almost Picture with Santana Dotson

A few Months ago we participated in the Lombardi Run/Walk for Cancer at the Milwaukee County Zoo. It’s a great event. We’ve done it a few times now.

After the walk we gathered in a reception area where the participants were welcomed by a radio personality as well as Green Bay Packers great Santana Dotson.

Naturally my son wanted to meet Santana and I, of course, figured a picture capturing the moment would be great for my son.

Without even asking, a wonderful little old lady approached my wife and asked if we needed someone to take our picture.

“Sure” my wife said and handed the lady my iphone.

The cute little lady proceeded to look at the phone as if it were something she had never seen before. We giggled a bit; Santana looked around and nervously sang a song I cannot recall as we tried to walk the lady through the process of using a camera-phone.

The result is what you see above.

It’s not what we had envisioned, but it makes for a humorous little story and we are certainly thankful for the effort.

The moral of the antidote for all of us?

Be careful of what you offer others – or what you accept from the others.

A good intention is sometimes worth taking a pass on.

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