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Why Preseason Matters

Posted by on September 4, 2014

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As mentioned previously. I like preseason games. I like them for a myriad of reasons. I like them because they don’t count. You can attend games and enjoy the company of others, enjoy the atmosphere and have a pleasant ride home – because the games don’t count.

There is no reason to become emotional as a fan.

I like preseason because the games are all about emotion for a select group of players. Watch one episode of Hard Knocks on HBO and you will see that dreams come true in preseason.

I like preseason because it allows me to test my skills as a NFL General Manager. I think I can identify who will make the team and who won’t.

(Thankfully I have a day job because I wouldn’t cut it as a GM. I was convinced Matt Leinhart and Joey Harrington were both going to tear up the NFL! Cue the laugh track.)

Preseason matters.

Just ask the father with 3 kids who has never been able to afford to take his kids to Lambeau. (For the fourth preseason game against the Chiefs tickets were going for as low as $12.)

Just ask the bars, restaurants, hotels, cab drivers, bartenders, parking lot owners and anyone selling anything with 20 miles of an NFL Stadium.

Just ask Chris Banjo. A member of the 53-man roster last year, this year: practice squad.

Just ask Jayrone Elliott. Who the heck is Jayrone Elliott? With 5 sacks in preseason, I have a feeling NFL quarterbacks will soon find out.

Maybe even tonight.

It’s Game Day and I can’t wait!

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