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First Quarter

Posted by on October 1, 2014
photo courtesy of online resources.

photo courtesy of online resources.

So the first quarter of the Green Bay Packers 2014/2015 campaign is in the books.

They stand at 2-2 with a strong Detroit Lions team leading the NFC North.

So what have we learned so far?

1. Mike McCarthy’s teams start slow. This year is no different.

2. The Defense is Jekyll and Hyde. Sometimes it looks like they are going to turn the corner and be consistently a strong force and then in a snap they regress to their old ways.

3. Same old Jay. Just as the Niners seem to own the Packers, the Packers seem to own the Bears. This is great considering they are in our division.

4. Eddie Lacy might be a one-year wonder. It looks that way so far, but it may not actually be the case. They have him trying to run outside right now. As soon as he gets going back inside and up the gut his numbers could pick up. It’s also important to mention that as the passing game continues to heat up, opposing defenses might become a bit lax on the run game. Could that be when they are punched in the mouth by a rested and hungry tandem of Lacy and Starks?

5. You can shine in preseason. It doesn’t mean you’ll sniff the regular season. Where the heck are Janis and Elliott? It sounds like a Disney Channel show or cartoon doesn’t it? “Next on Janis and Elliott!”….  We hear about all this speed from Janis. We saw the disruption of  Jayrone Elliott. So he gets 5 sacks in preseason and you mean to tell me 5 sacks in preseason wouldn’t translate to at least one or two sacks in real time? It wouldn’t hurt that much to try it out would it?

At the the end of the day the first quarter of the current season is consistent with the Mike McCarthy era. The Green Bay Packers will hang around and be strong enough to make the playoffs — I hope — and in the end it could be the usual one and done show … But, maybe not …

Weird things happen during playoff time and if the Packers can at least get to post-season, a magic-carpet ride could take flight.

This team certainly doesn’t look championship bound yet, but teams can gain strength, skill and momentum. Some teams can also sustain injury.

What will the second quarter look like without Stafford, Wilson, Lynch,  Marshall, Cutler or Kapernick? Crazier things have happened.

We will have to wait and see.

Until them all should do is R-E-L-A-X.

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