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Haven’t We Been Here Before?

Posted by on October 23, 2014

Haven’t we been here  before?

Yes, the guts of my journalism professors are churning right now because starting a piece of writing with a question is cheap, low-brow, hack writing. But every once in awhile it’s okay. So today I am going to give myself a pass because it’s the question that keeps roaming my mind.


Believe me. I want to be optimistic about where the Green Bay Packers are right now. 5-2 is a good place to be in the NFL But I have to be honest with you.


I have my emotions in neutral because my logic has been down this road before.


It’s a good opportunity for a father/son teaching moment.


Keep your emotions in check son, success today might not mean anything two or three weeks from now. It’s the ol’ “Don’t count your chickens until they’ve hatched.” (or whatever that saying is.)


Why am I feeling this?


Because we’ve been here before. How many times did we see Brett Favre lead the team to good regular season records only to throw three picks in the playoffs?


Am I the only one who remembers that the Packers under A-Rod went 15-1 only to trip in the playoffs?


We are a spoiled lot in Packerland. The playoffs aren’t good enough anymore. And to go “one and done” is just a flat joke these days.


I’m thankful for 5-2 and I believe this team is growing each day, but there is a few things that concern me.


  1. Who have the Packers really beat this year? (No one).


  1. Do we have enough impact players on defense?


We haven’t beaten a really top-level team and while the defense has come on strong with various players making impacts, no single player has stood out as a consistent leader. (i.e. Who is this teams Charles Woodson?)


With all that said, the 2010 looked like a MASH unit on defense and Woodson surfaced down the stretch more than any other time during that magical season.


Maybe history will repeat itself.




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