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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Eddie Lacy Just Gets the Job Done

2 Minutes and 12 seconds of hard work glamorized as something effortless. Eddie Lacy doesn’t run away from people or have a smooth running style. He just does the most important thing a football player needs to do. Eddie Lacy suits up and does his job. The Eagles game yesterday at Lambeau was a prime … Continue reading »

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Life’s Playbook: A Balanced Attack

It has often been said that to win in the game of football. a team must cultivate a balanced attack; Equal parts run and pass — ¬†or close to equal.   Obviously history has shown us that extremes of either can work also; case and point: The 2010 Champion Green Bay Packers.   But to … Continue reading »

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2nd Quarter

In a recent blog post we reviewed the first quarter of the season. Today we review the second quarter of the 2014 Green Bay Packers season In what might be the shortest post in blog history I will sum up the second quarter in three words: I like it. What is your take?   Aaron … Continue reading »

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