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Life’s Playbook: A Balanced Attack

Posted by on November 2, 2014

It has often been said that to win in the game of football. a team must cultivate a balanced attack; Equal parts run and pass —  or close to equal.


Obviously history has shown us that extremes of either can work also; case and point: The 2010 Champion Green Bay Packers.


But to have balance is certainly healthier.


The same can be said about life itself. Balance is healthy.


We all strive for it, but do know anyone very successful who has it? Maybe they are successful now; after years of toil, but did they have balance throughout the entire journey to their success.


I doubt it.


At some point they most likely experienced extreme levels of workload, with balance being a mere dream.


Balance is a lesson I’d like to teach my son, but I don’t know if you can teach balance.


Can you really teach someone how to balance their life?


So, why the heavy topic you ask?


In the span of mere hours this past week, two friends of mine died. One was young (40) and one was old (79)


Both were brilliant. For me to call the young one a friend might be a stretch; acquaintance might be more appropriate. But I knew the person nonetheless.


The older person, I would say, achieved balance. She raised a family, educated others, traveled the world and spent decades immersed in philanthropy.


The younger person was an educator, a father, an athlete and leader that, by all indications could have changed the world. His train was just getting going. He probably didn’t have time to achieve balance because he was too busy building the tracks.


In living through a week like this one, how do you explain to your kids about this thing called balance?


To achieve big, audacious goals, often balance doesn’t enter the vocabulary. You have to be all-in and focused on a singular purpose to win.


I don’t think there is a absolute answer to the concept of balance. There are merely your goals you are working toward and then there is the un-labeled space between.


I do know this: Life is really short. We need to make the absolute most of everyday.


To attempt this I try to have one thing to look forward to or plan each day.


Examples: Coffee in the morning.

                        Workout after work

                        Nightly movie.

                        Going to a live sporting event.


Balance might be a myth, but we’ll keep chasing it in the meantime.


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