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What This Community is Truly About

Posted by on December 10, 2014
Aiden attends his first-ever Packers game at Lambeau Field

Aiden attends his first-ever Packers game at Lambeau Field

“He couldn’t sleep all week”


If there were a sentence that captures what my vision for this community is all about, that sentence would be it.


He couldn’t sleep all week. My friend Josh said of his son Aiden 11, as we sat in the seats of Lambeau Field for the Packers / Eagles match up a few weeks ago.


Aiden couldn’t sleep because it was his first ever game at the most amazing venue in professional sports – Lambeau Field Yes, opinions will vary and I do love Fenway Park in Boston, but Lambeau has to be up there on the list.


The Eagles/Packers game was our annual event. Each year my son and I take two fathers and two sons to a game in Green Bay. This year it was the Eagles game and this year it was extra special because one of the sons had never been to Lambeau.


I’ve been to tons of games – all over the country, but there is something special about your first game at Lambeau Field and my son and I are glad we could be a part of Aiden’s first trip.


That’s what 16 Son Days is all about.


Fathers, Sons…Family…Football and Fun.


It was great having you Aiden. Don’t worry your first game at Lambeau won’t be your last.


Go Pack Go!

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