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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Reality Rises

  Of course I had plans to talk about the championship game. I planned after I had calmed down.   I have lived through 4th and 26. A brutal interception in the NFC Championship game in 2007. The “Fail Mary”. Now this…A super bowl appearance basically surrendered due the most improbable series of events. Who … Continue reading »

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NFC Championship Prediction

All signs are pointing to Seattle winning this game.   This is blog that favors the Green Bay Packers.   The match ups favor the hawks.   But ….   Throwing all the data out the window, something just tells me the Packers will win. And they will win by unseen circumstances.   Big time … Continue reading »

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10 Reasons you should still go to Lambeau Field when it’s cold

10. When else are you going to use your cold-weather gear?   9. Won’t have a problem finding a cold beer or truly appreciating hot chocolate.   8. The bars, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and retail stores count on dedicated fans, not fair weather fans.   7. The roar of a live crowd is irreplaceable. … Continue reading »

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A Stupid-Comfortable Blog Post

A few years ago I wore out these comfortable slippers I had. They were really obnoxious. They were something most people only wear in the privacy of their own home (I would be in this group).   Then they got worn out and I never replaced them.   They look odd and most people I … Continue reading »

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3 Reasons the Packers will be in AZ

It seems silly to suggest it, but with A-Rodg now into his thirties, is it Championship or bust this season? 2015 marks the 6th straight playoff appearance for the team in green and gold. One and done seems to be the reputation of the McCarthy era, so it’s a challenge not to ponder the future … Continue reading »

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It’s Not About Football

You will hear this as a running theme. It’s not About Football. This site is more about fatherhood and a journey of life adventures than anything else. Football is just the foundation. For Christmas this year my son had a about 10 items on his list. After scribbling down your standard dreams of X-Box or … Continue reading »

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