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It’s Not About Football

Posted by on January 2, 2015
A great view in Milwaukee is at Discovery World

A great view in Milwaukee is at Discovery World

You will hear this as a running theme.

It’s not About Football.

This site is more about fatherhood and a journey of life adventures than anything else. Football is just the foundation.

For Christmas this year my son had a about 10 items on his list. After scribbling down your standard dreams of X-Box or Playstation, he moved on to what he really wanted.

A membership to Discovery World.

DW is modern museum resting at the lip of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee. It’s a tribute to science and the great lakes. It’s a display of dreams, dreamers and a lab for those brave enough to investigate how things work.

My son is a bit of enigma. He has both a math/science brain and an eye for art. I, on the other hand, run from science like Eddie Lacy from Lions.

I appreciate that my son wanted this gift because when the video game system is outdated in two-years, the visits to Discovery World will last forever. And so will one of my favorite views in the city of Milwauke.

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