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3 Reasons the Packers will be in AZ

Posted by on January 3, 2015

It seems silly to suggest it, but with A-Rodg now into his thirties, is it Championship or bust this season?

2015 marks the 6th straight playoff appearance for the team in green and gold. One and done seems to be the reputation of the McCarthy era, so it’s a challenge not to ponder the future should this team get bounced after the divisional round in two weeks.

There’s a better chance than not, the team will move on to the NFC Championship but more than one expert has picked the Seahawks to knock out the Packers.

Here are 3 Reasons why the Packers will get to Arizona for the February party this year:

1. More offensive weapons: Richard Rodgers is coming on, the O-Line is stronger than ever and the tandem of Lacy and Starks is vastly under-appreciated.

2. Finally the defense has stepped up:.While this remains the biggest question mark, the secondary might be just strong enough (if the offense keeps pace) to get the team through to the big game.

3. Special teams/Coaching/history: Special teams has been a serious issue but McCarthy’s recent change from Harris to Hyde in the return game could be the magic pill they’ve been seeking. After cleaning up the kicking game — which will get done for the playoffs — the coaching staff will continue to excel at in-game adjustments. Mac and the staff have imroved in this area. Something tells me they have some great unexpected play-calls in their quiver.

Finally: History just tells us that repeat visits to the SB don’t come easy. They Seahawks may stumble just as the 15-1 Packers did.

The AFC is a difficult one to call. All the teams teams appear evenly matched. This is where the surprise comes in …

16 Sondays Superbowl match up prediction: Packers vs. Ravens.

Packers win in a close game.

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