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A Stupid-Comfortable Blog Post

Posted by on January 4, 2015
The most comfortable footwear on earth.

The most comfortable footwear on earth.

A few years ago I wore out these comfortable slippers I had. They were really obnoxious. They were something most people only wear in the privacy of their own home (I would be in this group).


Then they got worn out and I never replaced them.


They look odd and most people I know would be too cool to put them on … Or admit they like the way they feel. They used to be called “Happy Feet” but my latest versions are from an outfit called “Forever Collectables”. I think you can buy them on


I don’t have an affiliate link to buy them and I’m not being paid by It just a suggestion to help you have an extremely comfortable 2015.

Oh and one last thing…Buy a pair that is way too big for your feet. (mine are XL) You can thank me later by commenting on this post.



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