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10 Reasons you should still go to Lambeau Field when it’s cold

Posted by on January 5, 2015

10. When else are you going to use your cold-weather gear?

9. Won’t have a problem finding a cold beer or truly appreciating hot chocolate.

8. The bars, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and retail stores count on dedicated fans, not fair weather fans.

7. The roar of a live crowd is irreplaceable.
6. Not having to listen to some of the bias supposedly voiced by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

5. The game may be historic: By low temp record or place in NFL history (ie. If it’s the NFC Championship game. 2007 LF got to witness Brett Favre’s last game live!)

4. It’s a privilege to be in the stadium. You are one of only 80,000. Still sound like a lot of people? (Only about 2 million others watch on TV…so 80K is a rather small number.)

3. Good excuse to buy more awesome Packers gear at the pro shop.

2. A loved one might need to be warmed up.

1. The memories could last forever. Think you will remember another event in your neighbors rec room after snacking yourself to death? Doubt it.

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