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NFC Championship Prediction

Posted by on January 16, 2015

All signs are pointing to Seattle winning this game.


This is blog that favors the Green Bay Packers.


The match ups favor the hawks.


But ….


Throwing all the data out the window, something just tells me the Packers will win. And they will win by unseen circumstances.


Big time players, make big time plays in big time games we’ve all heard that.


But also what seems to happen is unseen players rise in the most opportunistic of moments.


Think BJ Raji in the NFC Championship. Desmond Howard in the Super Bowl.


This Sunday look for a lesser known player to rise.


Casey Hayward, where are you? ┬áJarone Elliott? Let’s re-live preseason! Mr. Boykin? Yes, it’s your time to shine!


See you on “Victory Monday!”

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