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Monthly Archives: February 2015

A Simple Thank You to AJ Hawk

Hard core Packers fans will critique the play of AJ Hawk until the end of time. Too often what they will bother themselves about is that he once was the 5th pick in an entire NFL draft. Here’s what they will forget: 1. AJ Hawk was available and accountable — always. 2. AJ Hawk was … Continue reading »

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The Lessons Football Teaches

I don’t know for sure if my son will play football beyond flag, but I do know that I believe in what this this video shares.   The kicker is, these lessons are only learned if he sticks with a program. If he gives his all. If he listens to his coaches. If he listens … Continue reading »

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10,000 Hours to Greatness

My son and I took a break from watching the combine, playing XBox and general winter laziness to get our butts to the local Y to shoot some hoops. While we were there my son got into a rhythm of hitting a few lay-ups in a row. It was nice to see because basic fundamentals … Continue reading »

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Run Rich Run #StJude

Simple things that start “just for laughs” can turn into something of incredible value. Each year our house enjoys the good-natured humor of watching Rich Eisen run the 40 yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine.   This year, a joke became an asset as Eisen used his stride and stature to raise money for … Continue reading »

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Ted Thompson’s Christmas is Today

It’s pretty safe to say that today is like Christmas morning for Ted Thompson. The NFL Combine kicks off and he gets to do his favorite activity of being a GM — Analyze talent. At our house, we will have TV’s running all weekend. Why? I can’t say exactly. I think in each and every … Continue reading »

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The Inner-Game

Our son loves to toss a ball around the house. It isn’t your basic game of catch I’m speaking of. We’re talking combine route running. As in: “Dad! Throw the slant!” Truth be told, I am a bit of a draft junkie. We’ve had the combine on TV every year for the past eight. I’m … Continue reading »

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Leader Wanted

The Green Bay Packers were about three easy minutes from playing in the Super Bowl this past season and soon after their remarkable collapse the critics came callng. It was coaching on Special Teams. It was coach McCarthy. It was Brandon Bostick’s fault. Where was Clay Matthews? Why didn’t Ha Ha knock down the conversion? … Continue reading »

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3 Free Activities to do with Your Kids

3 Father & Son Activities that are Free 1. Hiking Kids like to run and jump and generally just go wild. A hike in the woods or around the neighborhood is a great way to tire the kids out, talk about school or play a game of catch. My son always brings a basketball or … Continue reading »

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Words that Still Inspire.

Many years ago I made a living as a writer. I will preface it so as to not to lead you down the wrong romantic path about the idyllic life of living in a cabin or always sitting down with celebrities. I made a living as a writer in my early twenties – no wife, … Continue reading »

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The Most Violent Team Wins.

I still remember his words. An  unlikely source: Mike Tomlin, Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. As his team was getting ready to kickoff the NFL regular season a few years ago, Tomlin sat answering questions from the media and I don’t remember the exact question he was asked, only his response: “The team that … Continue reading »

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