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The Most Violent Team Wins.

Posted by on February 7, 2015

I still remember his words.

AnĀ  unlikely source: Mike Tomlin, Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

As his team was getting ready to kickoff the NFL regular season a few years ago, Tomlin sat answering questions from the media and I don’t remember the exact question he was asked, only his response:

“The team that will win this game is the the team that plays the most violent.”


I don’t know if I have quote exactly correct but it is close. It is close and it is usually true. If there has been one major criticism of Mike McCarthy era football it’s that his teams are just not violent enough.

I have watched almost every second of this teams play in the last 15 years. What has been true of McCarthy’s teams has been true of all other teams that have not held the Lombardi Trophy at the end of each season.

Violent teams win. And those that are not violent go home before the last team is standing.


Perhaps this topic leaves you a bit uneasy. After all, this is a blog about a dream to follow the Green Bay Packers to every game in one NFL season in a fun-loving father/son or mother/daughter or father/daughter fashion.


But it’s also about teaching life-lessons. And not all life-lessons are cute and beautiful.


The real lesson of pro football victors is that they usually have to be a violent bunch to accomplish their end goal. From a player standpoint you can either choose to be part of that process or you can walk away.


To have that choice is for very few and it is certainly a complex topic, but all that is really intended to be said here is that the Green Bay Packers need to be much more aggressive.

The next Packers team needs to take a gift interception with 5 minutes left any game to the house — and take out a few blockers along the way just because they can.


Mike Tomlin is right. The team that usually wins is the team that is most violent.




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