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Words that Still Inspire.

Posted by on February 9, 2015

Many years ago I made a living as a writer. I will preface it so as to not to lead you down the wrong romantic path about the idyllic life of living in a cabin or always sitting down with celebrities.

I made a living as a writer in my early twenties – no wife, no kids, no huge responsibility and very few bills.

Nonetheless it was a goal of mine and I met it.

With that said, I did interview lots of people a healthy handful of famous people. I also spent enormous amounts of hours reading during those years.

I read tons of inspirational quotes and iconic speeches and while some of the words might be with me for a few days or even months, most have faded from memory.

Except one series of words and these are words I came across only within this past year. They are the words of Steve Jobs and they have already made an appearance on this blog.

They still inspire me and thus I will share them again.

They are a fine reminder of true brevity of our lives. I am not trying to turn the world upside down with this blog, but I do want to teach others – like my son – to follow dreams. No matter how silly or simple they might be.

I am not going to get an award from a group of MENSA members for putting together a blog about being a father who dreams of going to seasons’ worth of NFL games, but at least it’s a goal

… and all fear of embarrassment or failure fall away in the face of death.

Thank you Mr. Jobs, your lasting legacy. For me is not my ipod, iphone, ipad or itunes collection.

It’s your words showcased here.

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