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3 Free Activities to do with Your Kids

Posted by on February 11, 2015

3 Father & Son Activities that are Free

1. Hiking

Kids like to run and jump and generally just go wild. A hike in the woods or around the neighborhood is a great way to tire the kids out, talk about school or play a game of catch. My son always brings a basketball or football on our hikes.

2. Sledding

Okay< so it might now be totally free you do need a sled and the park near our house is a state park so they tag you with a $5.00 fee but in today’s age, that’s just about free. Again, this activity promotes exercise and being outdoors. Most often there are other kids and adults to socialize with so it’s a win for everyone. And more daring parents may take a trip or two down the hill as well. 3. The library

Yes, not exactly a 5-Star event, but when is the last time you visited your local library anyway? They have kids sections, lounge chairs, computers and you can even check out a movie or two take home. I promote the library as a tool for our son to create goals.

A place where the blueprints are drawn for dreams. Going on trip soon? Check out some books on the destination so you can make the most of the area. Remember that bonfire that didn’t burn as well as you wanted? We learned the techniques of the “Log Cabin” vs. “TeePee” style fire. (Log Cabin is perfect every time!)

As parents we tend to think that the best times we have with our kids are the expensive trips or dinners, but in the end almost all of us have a fond memory or two about something very simple we did with our parents.

I know my son will remember or hikes and I hope he builds a better fire than his dad at a much earlier age.

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