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The Inner-Game

Posted by on February 17, 2015

Developing your Inner-Game has to start early.

Developing your Inner-Game has to start early.

Our son loves to toss a ball around the house. It isn’t your basic game of catch I’m speaking of. We’re talking combine route running.

As in: “Dad! Throw the slant!”

Truth be told, I am a bit of a draft junkie. We’ve had the combine on TV every year for the past eight. I’m not watching every second but it’s a strong enough interest to have it on as the background noise.

With this said, I thought it would be only logical that I sign our son up for a “receiver camp” at a local sports complex.

Almost two hours on a Sunday morning taught him the basics of stretching, foot-work and route running. The Basics. Well done.

Then at the end of the camp the coach gathered the campers into a corner of the field and told them what they needed to be successful. He explained what they needed to accomplish anything — To make their most amazing dreams come true.


What’s your inner-game?

It’s getting up early when you don’t want to. It’s doing your homework when you don’t want to. It’s going to the gym or office when everyone around you wants to go out and have fun.

It’s doing all the things that the common man doesn’t want to do to win.

I agree

The coach even tied the Packers to the concept of inner-game.

The Packers had the NFC Championship won this past year. But they actually ultimately lost their share of a Super Bowl appearance because their inner-game fell short.

It the last five minutes they didn’t have discipline. They went out to party instead of staying at the office.

I am thankful my son is learning about inner-game at such an early age.

Applying the lesson of inner-game is another story, but you have to start somewhere.

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