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Ted Thompson’s Christmas is Today

Posted by on February 20, 2015

It’s pretty safe to say that today is like Christmas morning for Ted Thompson.

The NFL Combine kicks off and he gets to do his favorite activity of being a GM — Analyze talent.

At our house, we will have TV’s running all weekend. Why? I can’t say exactly. I think in each and every fan, there is a wannabe GM. My son and I like to see if we can identify a hidden gem and then see if they translate during the next season.

Kid you not,, Davante Adams is an example. We saw him do this drills at the combine and both said: That guy is big. I think he will be something special. So far, it looks like he might be. (It’s just amazing that he ended up being a Packer. What are the chances?)

Then it’s also fun to see the  Combine Gear Under Armour has designed.

This year we want to see how Garrett Grayson and Melvin Gordon do. What about you? Who will you be looking for?

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