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A Simple Thank You to AJ Hawk

Posted by on February 26, 2015

Hard core Packers fans will critique the play of AJ Hawk until the end of time. Too often what they will bother themselves about is that he once was the 5th pick in an entire NFL draft.

Here’s what they will forget:

1. AJ Hawk was available and accountable — always.

2. AJ Hawk was consistent.

3. AJ Hawk is the Packers all-time leading tackler.

4. AJ Hawk took pay cuts and re-structures in pay.

5. AJ Hawk was vital in the Packers winning the Super Bowl in 2010.

6. AJ Hawk built a resume in the community instead of a rap sheet.

7. AJ Hawk never seemed to complain when his role changed.

8. AJ Hawk embraced being a Packer instead of seeking a big city.

9. AJ Hawk played for the Packers about 2-times longer than most NFL careers even last.

10. AJ Hawk walked away from Green Bay by saying thank you and not asking for a thank you in return.


I will say it: Thank you AJ Hawk for working hard, playing hard, entertaining us and being a class act. Best wishes to you and your family as your journey continues.

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