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Monthly Archives: March 2015

The perfect Jump Shot with Ray Allen

With Final Four upon us, my son and I have had a debate about which one of us has a better jump shot. I think my shot is pretty good and he thinks his is great! Although this video is old and a bit grainy, it stars one of my favorite NBA players of all … Continue reading »

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The Concept of 16

Everyone wakes up daily and chases a buck. If you are a parent you can plan events with your kids but there are still plenty of times where you trade time to chase dollars instead of spending quality time with your kids.   Even the most successful people in the world trade time for dollars … Continue reading »

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Kids and Money

Dave Ramsey is a figure I have been following for awhile. Some of his principles have served our family very well. I have read all of his books with the exception of  one. I plan on reading it, but the idea that I have not read it and yet, feel confident suggesting it, serves as a … Continue reading »

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Dear Son, Stay Busy!

Dear Son, Everyday should feel like Saturday or Sunday. Lets stay busy!

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A Lesson Brackets Teach Kids

This is the first year I’ve ever filled out an NCAA March Madness basketball bracket. Previously I considered it a bit silly. In my mind, there are too many teams and too many teams I know absolutely nothing about. I don’t know Villanova from Vanilla ice cream. A few colleges I have to look up … Continue reading »

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Looking Forward to Mel Kiper

The NFL Draft is quickly approaching and I am looking forward to watching Mel Kiper work. While this post is mean’t in good fun. I don’t know if appreciates the compliment of Frank Caliendo or despises my fellow Wisconsinite. What I do know, is that Mel Kiper is the living embodiment of niche building. Like … Continue reading »

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The Excuse All Parents Use

As parents we all make  excuses. We don’t have the money is one excuse. Sometimes it’s founded and other times unfounded. You don’t have money to contribute to the school fundraiser? But I saw you at Starbucks this morning … While money is often more valid, the other excuse for not giving your kids the … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Action

 “An ounce of action is worth more than a ton of Theory.”                                                                                       … Continue reading »

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