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A Lesson Brackets Teach Kids

Posted by on March 24, 2015

This is the first year I’ve ever filled out an NCAA March Madness basketball bracket.

Previously I considered it a bit silly.

In my mind, there are too many teams and too many teams I know absolutely nothing about. I don’t know Villanova from Vanilla ice cream.

A few colleges I have to look up online because I forget where they are even located.

This year is different. Why? Because I have a son who likes to watch basketball and he was intrigued by all the talk on ESPN and other sports shows.

We sat down at the dinner table last Sunday and filled out three brackets. One was his. One was mine and one we labeled “family”.

As he looked over the bracket trying to pick winning teams, I reminded him of advice I was given a long time ago:

Never make important decisions with your heart. Make them based on what you think is the right decision.

When he was done filling out his bracket I looked at his final two teams and smiled. He looked at me with a smile of his own.

“I didn’t pick the Badgers to win it dad,” he said. “They are in my heart, but they aren’t going to win it.”

It’s good to know that listening skills can develop at such a young age.

Here’s to hoping our hearts are right anyway.

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