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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Merry Christmas! It’s Draft Day!

Yes, I am a confirmed draft geek. I will watch the whole first round and large chunks of the other rounds. Tonight, however I have hit a stumbling block that I am fine with. It’s an event that involves my son so it’s okay that I will miss some picks. We will DVR it of … Continue reading »

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Schedule Your Dreams

Some have said the NFL makes too much out of the schedule release. I beg to differ. The schedule dictates everything. Whether it’s planning a road game or your first visit to Lambeau Field, the schedule matters. Without specific dates you can’t book a hotel room. Without specific dates you don’t know if you will … Continue reading »

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3 Gift Ideas for Dad

Let’s be real here. Most father’s will tell you that they don’t “want anything” for Father’s day. They will say something obvious like: “I just want to spend time with my family….Do something with the kids.” Here’s the truth no dad will admit: Everyone likes a gift once in awhile. With that said, dads like … Continue reading »

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What a Year of Blogging Teaches

It’s been a little over a year since we started this blog. So where are we and where are we going? What are the lessons I can teach my son by periodically writing about football, family and fun? The most important takeaway I want my son to receive is that not everything you do needs … Continue reading »

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2 Days of life-lasting Meaning

Each year, I set about 5 attainable goals. I list them on my phone and look at them almost weekly. Sometimes I meet them, other times I don’t. As long as I meet the most important goal, I’m happy. What is my most important monthly goal? It’s to spend at least 2 days doing an … Continue reading »

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