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2 Days of life-lasting Meaning

Posted by on April 7, 2015

Each year, I set about 5 attainable goals. I list them on my phone and look at them almost weekly. Sometimes I meet them, other times I don’t. As long as I meet the most important goal, I’m happy.

What is my most important monthly goal?

It’s to spend at least 2 days doing an activity that is just for my son and I.

Father and son.

No wife, no grandparents, no buddies from school – Just an activity for the both of us.

Sure it should be a lot more than just two days per month, but I want to be realistic and I want the goal to be reachable. I want the two days to be the best two days he has each month.

If it’s a day at the museum, a basketball game, a day of skiing or a long hike with our dog, the point is to be completely available to him. To ask him questions about school and life. To see if I can help him, calm his fears, make him laugh or just make him smile.

Life and parenting doesn’t always have to be complicated or expensive, it just has to involve a little time.

Two days is a good place to start to give your kids more of you. Two days won’t end up seeming like two days at all. Two days will last a lifetime.

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