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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Orange Slices for Everybody!

There is an empty feeling in the world of Wisconsin sports these days. When, as of late, it’s been customary to be geared up for the Brewers, their seasons failings have many state natives longing for something relevant to care about in our local teams. The Bucks are done. The Brewers are a challenge to … Continue reading »

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A Reminder for the Rest of the Week

I wish it were this easy son, but while I love many of these philosophies I can tell you that after the fancy words and good intentions it will be time to do one thing: Get to work.

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Thank you!

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Great Advice from Steve Kerr

It was a friends Facebook post that I found great advice on the subject of parenting and sports. When I say parenting and sports I mean parenting as it relates to being involved with your own children’s sports engagement. In an online video someone asks Chicago Bulls great Steve Kerr what advice he has for … Continue reading »

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3 Lessons from those who have come before me

A key goal of this blog is to teach my son what I have learned. This includes successes and failures and things I just flat didn’t pay attention to. My father always gently encouraged me to think ahead and most of the goals I’ve achieved or moments I’ve enjoyed were a result of thinking in … Continue reading »

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Father’s Day awaits! 3 ideas to make life easier.

Let’s be real here. Most father’s will tell you that they don’t “want anything” for Father’s day. They will say something obvious like: “I just want to spend time with my family….Do something with the kids.” Here’s the truth no dad will admit: Everyone likes a gift once in awhile. With that said, dads like … Continue reading »

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Draft Review 2015

As previously stated: I love the draft. I love the draft and I can’t tell you why exactly. I boiled it down to the idea that we all like to hold on to hope and each year the draft is that fresh start every team seeks. Hope in motion on live TV. It’s hope for … Continue reading »

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