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Great Advice from Steve Kerr

Posted by on May 21, 2015

It was a friends Facebook post that I found great advice on the subject of parenting and sports. When I say parenting and sports I mean parenting as it relates to being involved with your own children’s sports engagement.

In an online video someone asks Chicago Bulls great Steve Kerr what advice he has for parents involved in their child’s sports teams.

“Yes I do.” he said plainly. “Keep your mouth shut.”

Kerr went on to explain that he believes much of his success in sports had to do with the fact that he was not constantly being directed, ordered or told what to do.

He was left to figure things out on his own. He was able to learn and grow without a shadow ready to point out errors or flaws.

We all cheer for our kids at sporting events. Most of us offer advice or direct our kids, as though we know better.

I know I have do this, but now I will do my best to heed Steve Kerr’s advice.

I will keep my mouth shut and enjoy the game.

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