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Monthly Archives: June 2015

One Month Away…

  I know we are only about a month away from training camp, but don’t we get a bit too excited about things? It’s the same storyline each year: Rookie Camp opens and raves come through the inter-webs about who “looked good” and the pundits get all excited about how well those that “looked good” … Continue reading »

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The Secret to Life with Steve Jobs

This is a lesson I want to teach my son. It’s the only way to make a true impact and to live the life that is truly yours. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us at or on our social media platforms. (Special thanks to the Santa Clara Historical Society for posting … Continue reading »

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What a 16 Son Day Game Day Morning will Look LIke

It’s early yet, but here’s what a 16 Sondays Gameday Morning Might Look Like: Gameday morning starts with breakfast. Good Belgian waffles, fresh orange Juice and fruit and of course coffee for dad. Meat will have to be involved. Canadian bacon, s some sausage or piles of crispy bacon. Have any venison? Good! Plate of … Continue reading »

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Even Champions Fail

Yes, of course even champions fail. Not even the most accomplished just had success from start to Finish, but trying to instill this concept into kids minds is a challenge to say the least. I want to explain to my son the best way I can, that sometimes tons of hard work might still end … Continue reading »

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“Dad, You’re the Best!” Here are 3 ways to show him you mean it.

Let’s be real here. Most father’s will tell you that they don’t “want anything” for Father’s day. They will say something obvious like: “I just want to spend time with my family….Do something with the kids.” Here’s the truth no dad will admit: Everyone likes a gift once in awhile. With that said, dads like … Continue reading »

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The Sweetest Sound to Human Ears

The sweetest word to everyone’s ears. You know what it is, but perhaps you have forgotten. Your name of course. is nearly a year and a half old and it is community with a long-term platform. We are fine with things moving slowly and moving people into our neighborhood with comfort. We are accessible … Continue reading »

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Laughing All The Way

When the 16 Sondays journey sets sail, this is what I hope there will be plenty of…Laughter. The games will be fun. There will be wins and most likely losses. The food should be memorable, as will the sights and learning moments, but nothing is better than the laughter of your son. I love the … Continue reading »

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A First-Timer at OTA’s

There is a first time for even the most diehard of Packers fans. In my case, it was a first-ever visit to watch an OTA practice. As expected it was very basic. Nothing monumental occurs, but it appears to be a vital function to building a foundation for team chemistry. You can observe who walks-through … Continue reading »

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5 Things to be Happy About Today.

Too often we focus on the things we don’t have or the things we want. We do this and yet we pass others each day who have less than us or have life changing conflicts. The reality we are trying to instill in our son is to be thankful for all that you DO have … Continue reading »

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