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A First-Timer at OTA’s

Posted by on June 3, 2015

There is a first time for even the most diehard of Packers fans. In my case, it was a first-ever visit to watch an OTA practice.

As expected it was very basic. Nothing monumental occurs, but it appears to be a vital function to building a foundation for team chemistry. You can observe who walks-through things and who has focus at times.

OTA’s appear more geared for the first and second year guys. In typical NFL fashion, “How guys looked” gets way over-blown by the media. The practice is so light, I’m not sure the coaches can get much out of it.

What OTA’s do for sure is amp up the fans, and sell merch — yes, the pro shop already has Randall jersey’s ready for purchase.

OTA’s get you in the spirit of football. Especially when your MLB team might be already done for the year and the NBA decided to watch “Dances with Wolves” 27 times in between the end of the playoffs and start of the Finals.

The NFL knows what they are doing, they feed fans the steady stream of their product like a line at Starbucks.

And and we just stand behind one another, step up to the register and keep buying it.

Training camp can’t start soon enough.

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