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The Sweetest Sound to Human Ears

Posted by on June 9, 2015

The sweetest word to everyone’s ears.

You know what it is, but perhaps you have forgotten.

Your name of course. is nearly a year and a half old and it is community with a long-term platform.

We are fine with things moving slowly and moving people into our neighborhood with comfort.

We are accessible on most forms of social media. Some are good and some are maybe not a space we should be in. And a few we have neglected (Google Plus, Facebook are examples.)

Twitter is a favorite, and just recently I’ve surfed around Perisope. We have yet to do our first broadcast, but this past Saturday something interesting happened on Periscope.

I found a live broadcast from T-Mobile CEO John Legere. He was running in Central Park with his daughter; answering questions while running. He was talking about Star Trek and Batman and music and basic pop culture stuff.

I added my two cents on the Batman movies and something odd happened. A CEO of a large company said the name of our website to hundreds of followers around the world.

This shouldn’t be such a shock. After all isn’t that the idea of social media in the first place? To reach people around the world? To share ideas, creativity, passions, fears and successs?

Sure, but here’s the thing…

It was the first time I ever heard anyone say the name of our site aloud. It’s like hearing someone say your name. It’s odd and inspiring at the same time – – and wonderful.

What made it all the more great was the idea that here was a successful, busy, business icon doing an activity with their child. Quite perfect, since that’s really what is all about – creating moments and forever-memories for our kids.

We all aim to be acknowledged, even if it’s by complete strangers. Hearing our own name or the name of a brand we are trying to create is unlike any other sound on earth.

Thanks John! We appreciate your mention of our site. On to the next first …

What will it be?

A fan wearing a 16 Sondays t-shirt?

A famous blogger emails and offers to contribute a guest post?

Who knows? I know this. I want to teach my son to dream not big, but huge!

So I dream huge as well. That means eventually T-Mobile will be a major sponsor for our 16 Sondays journey.

After all, what goes better with parenting than good communication?




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