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What a 16 Son Day Game Day Morning will Look LIke

Posted by on June 22, 2015

It’s early yet, but here’s what a 16 Sondays Gameday Morning Might Look Like:

Gameday morning starts with breakfast. Good Belgian waffles, fresh orange Juice and fruit and of course coffee for dad. Meat will have to be involved. Canadian bacon, s some sausage or piles of crispy bacon. Have any venison? Good! Plate of that as well. Toast certainly should be there, with jam.

The quantities don’t have to be massive, just a healthy sampling of these items to get your engine started.

Some of you will not be bashful and start with a spicy bloody mary (and a chaser of course). And I wouldn’t haze anyone who wanted to start with a mimosa. Just make sure it’s some decent stuff, save the cheap sparkling wine for a guest that doesn’t make you smile wide. Give them the Brut and save the Dom for yourself – maybe a playoff game breakfast if you’re one of those who need it to a marginally special occasion to crack authentic champagne.

Again, to each their own. More power to you!

(For those outside Wisconsin: A chaser is a small beer to accompany the bloody. I can’t e
xplain it any more than that. It’s a Wisconsin thing. We add a small beer with our bloody mary.)

Side note: 16sondays is not a drunk fest, but I think it’s also important not project a false image to kids. Dads drink beer – and sometimes other things – but you have to do it very responsibly.

After showering, you don your gear and get your gameday goodies together: Cooler, beverages, gloves, snacks. Whatever suits you.

An Uber driver arrives to pick you up to take you to the waiting luxury motorcoach. Let’s be clear: It’s not a bus it a motorcoach. (Difference? A bus does not have a bathroom)

In some situations, perhaps the en lieu of the motorcoach and Uber driver, a limo will pick you up. Maybe we will have a VIP group. We do want this to be as much of luxury experience as possible so a limo would be nice.

There will certainly be a stop for better coffee. Starbucks, Caribou, Stone Creek. You get the idea. You’ll order your fufu drink that most men would be too manly to admit to liking and probably a pastry. (These are the same people that think Michael Jackson wasn’t cool at one time and never considered buying a Milli Vanilli CD. (Yet both artists sold millions of albums and CD’s and downloads.)

You’ll board your motorcoach or be whisked away in your limo and there we are … off like a herd of turtles as my father used to say.

For those coming in from other states? You will arrive in Milwaukee or Madison or Green Bay and be taken to your hotel of course. We will have more on this in future posts. The vision right now is not for the experience to be so organized that it feels like group line dancing lessons.

We want these games to be a special memory you share with your son or daughter. We want it to be relaxing, just like living in a nice community is relaxing.

We’ll figure it out. We have eight years to get our ducks in row. But with that in mind, it’s not too early for you to interact with us and plan your future to join us.

Keep checking back at and follow us on all the social media platforms.

You will not want to miss out on the best *16Sondays of your life.

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