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One Month Away…

Posted by on June 29, 2015


It's Just Mini Camp, Relax.

It’s Just Mini Camp, Relax.

I know we are only about a month away from training camp, but don’t we get a bit too excited about things?

It’s the same storyline each year:

Rookie Camp opens and raves come through the inter-webs about who “looked good” and the pundits get all excited about how well those that “looked good” will match up with teammates or the opposition.

Mini Camp opens and the raves continue. And some of the slow criticism starts to creep in from the experts. (The ongoing yearly rip is that Eddie Lacy looks heavy…I’ll take a heavy Eddie Lacy over a light Reggie Bush any day, won’t you?)

Let’s pump the breaks for minute.

Once upon a time Jayrone Elliott got 5 sacks in preseason. Then there was a wideout named Chris Johnson that was just unstoppable…  Isn’t he on the Vikings now? Heck,  Michael Sam had 5 sacks in preseason and now he can’t even stay on a CFL roster.

It’s exciting that training camp is only a month away but lets just  ….. R-E-L-A-X.


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