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Q in Question

Posted by on July 9, 2015

Datone Jones suspended and Andrew Quarless arrested for firing a gun in public….

Charles Barkley was wrong. Athletes are role models. Just about anyone on TV is a role model to some extent because our society basically tells people that if someone puts you on TV you must be special.

How to address the matters of Jones and Quarless with kids is a tough question. It’s one that I do not have answers to.

Barkley was correct is stating that parents should be role models.

Yes, in the end, parents should be role models. How a parent explains right and wrong is what matters.

And when a parent decides to turn off the TV is being a good role model too.

Admittedly, the TV will not be turned off when the Packers are on next season and my son will be watching when Andrew and Datone are on the field.

We will just won’t be cheering as much when either of them make a good play. And if we cheer, it might be a good time to teach the next lesson we all know to be right.

People deserve second chances.

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