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Quality Time in 15 Minutes

Posted by on July 12, 2015

Quality Time with regard to kids is thrown around rather loosely these days. Each of us has our own definition of what quality time means.

I recently read a great book by a writer I follow, Jon Acuff. His latest book is DO OVER. He specializes in kicking your career into gear and reaching your dream life.

We all have dreams, goals and tasks we aim to accomplish but we are burdened by a lack of time or  discipline to realize them.

Acuff came up with a simple plan to accomplish some goals this summer. He created a sheet of paper with 100 boxes. Each box represents 15 minutes.

And I bet you can guess what comes next….

You work on a goal for 15 minutes each day and check the box off.  When complete you will have worked on a goal for 25 hours. Pretty simple right. It’s called DO SUMMER and it’s a reminder that all goals aren’t conquered with giant leaps.

I started this action plan with 3 tasks: Exercising, writing and playing sports with my son. So far I’m doing fairly well on all fronts. Especially the writing and sports. (Exercise, as you might expect is a real challenge.)

The 15 minutes of sports each day has really turned into something my son looks forward to. How I chose to make it more productive is by using those 15 minutes to work on specific sports drills. For basketball it might be layups, for baseball it’s batting and for football it’s 15 minutes of running bad ass slant pattern or super sweet deep route.

Almost daily the kid comes home from summer school to excitedly say: “Let’s do our 15 minutes!!”

To me, that’s quality Time.

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