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Monthly Archives: August 2015

The Thing That’s Missing …

There seems to be something missing – still. As the Packers approach the upcoming season, we are each intriqued by what’s to come. It feels like it’s their year. It feels right that the first team to win the big game known as the Super Bowl would win the big game on it’s 50th anniversary. … Continue reading »

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Formalities Aside

  Can we just stop it already? You’ll hear me say this many times over the course of the blog: My journalism professors always taught us to never start a piece of writing with a question. It’s cheap. It’s lazy. It’s an easy way in. Sure, okay, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary. So my easy … Continue reading »

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Preseason: Game 1

You can’t tell much from these preseason games. Over the years the games have become watered down by game plans that clearly don’t represent a true approach to what teams are thinking of doing as far as scheme and play calling. Essentially preseason NFL has morphed into adult sandlot ball. And that’s okay. It gives … Continue reading »

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Fantasy Football Tips Anyone?

So we’re a little behind the times. We have never joined a league, been to a “draft” or scoured the waiver wire for a late-season pick up that could put us in championship position. We’ve never played Fantasy Football. It seems so unlikely doesn’t it? I mean with our insane passion for football and everything, … Continue reading »

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