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Fantasy Football Tips Anyone?

Posted by on August 5, 2015

So we’re a little behind the times. We have never joined a league, been to a “draft” or scoured the waiver wire for a late-season pick up that could put us in championship position.

We’ve never played Fantasy Football.

It seems so unlikely doesn’t it? I mean with our insane passion for football and everything, how could we not have done this activity yet?

Simple. Just didn’t want to add another task to my plate and also have a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea of rooting for a Viking, Bear or Lion. (But I guess we don’t have to draft any players from the NFC North now do we?)

When I reached out via Facebook, it took about less than fifteen minutes for a friend to write back: “Don’t draft any Chicago Bears.”

Unless Walter Payton steps down from Heaven, we won’t. But to be truthful isn’t it hard to say no to AP if he is still on the draft board?

So here’s the deal: This year we are going for it! It’s on strict orders from the son that inspired 16 Son Days.

So please weigh in…Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest…Add comments to the bottom of this post….Whatever works for you. And don’t forget to email us so we know how to thank you when we win!

Contact us at:

Thanks! Game on!

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