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Preseason: Game 1

Posted by on August 18, 2015

You can’t tell much from these preseason games. Over the years the games have become watered down by game plans that clearly don’t represent a true approach to what teams are thinking of doing as far as scheme and play calling.

Essentially preseason NFL has morphed into adult sandlot ball.

And that’s okay. It gives the players a chance to develop their routine, get their uniform right, break –in some gear and get reps with terminology.

For fans, it gets our minds in “football mode” and lets us see some good players that may not make the squad at the end of the day. John Crockett is an example. He had a nice game, but will he be on the final roster? Maybe or maybe not.

It’s also fun to see the spawning of a star. Mr. Rollins? He showed a flash didn’t he?

Who really knows how the coaches see what we watch on TV. They are most certainly looking at some seemingly mundane detail that we never considered as an average viewer. Like foot placement and hand placement.

I just hope that once preseason ends, they see a championship team and do their best to lead them to holding the Lombardi Trophy.

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