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Formalities Aside

Posted by on August 21, 2015


Can we just stop it already?

You’ll hear me say this many times over the course of the blog: My journalism professors always taught us to never start a piece of writing with a question. It’s cheap. It’s lazy. It’s an easy way in.

Sure, okay, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary.

So my easy way in is this: Can we just stop already?


Can the national sports media (the real pros) stop constantly saying “The National Football League” in its entirety when referring to the NFL? It’s the NFL. The NFL needs no introduction. It’s a brand that actually can be mentioned by its mere letters and nearly everyone on earth knows what it is.

The NFL .. Done!

That’s what good branding is. Good branding is a product so identifiable that you don’t need to spell it out for people. You can take the long-hand version and boil it down to its smallest form.

Why do pundits constantly still refer to the NFL as “The NATIONAL Football League?”

Everything is abbreviated now. FEDEX…MGD….UPS ….KFC….UFC … PBR…. And when we refer to these brands we don’t lay the whole thing out so please stop.

The NFL does just fine by itself.

Now I need to get Pabst Blue Ribbon or Miller Genuine Draft to go with my Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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