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The Thing That’s Missing …

Posted by on August 22, 2015

There seems to be something missing – still.

As the Packers approach the upcoming season, we are each intriqued by what’s to come. It feels like it’s their year. It feels right that the first team to win the big game known as the Super Bowl would win the big game on it’s 50th anniversary.

But throughout Super Bowl history the winning teams have virtually all had a clear – almost iconic – vocal leader.

(See Charles Woodson, Ray Lewis, Richard Sherman etc..etc)

Who is that Green Bay Packer?

Is it Clay? Is it Mike Daniels? Is it Josh Sitton? Could this be a really special year where a rookie or free agent steps up and isn’t afraid to be a boss?

History tells that the Packers should go far this year. I just hope they don’t come up short due to a loss for words.

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